Monday, May 25, 2009

things left undone...

this is a confession. one that i'm only willing to make because reparations are in progress. i don't finish things. i start one great project after another, but leave many of them undone: creative projects, writing projects, and a great many small, but significant commitments to myself. if there were a 12 step program for this type of thing (actually, i'm certain there is) this might be my first step.

Some of these are old projects, like the memory book i began putting together for my sister (pictured above) which has been a sore spot for years. but there are also several new projects, started within the last few months, sitting around the apartment reminding me of my bad habit, and frankly, terrifying me~to think they too could join the boneyard of abandoned work!

(clockwise: stand mixer dust cover, hand-pieced/hand-quilted blanket, and unfinished painting resting on easel)

at this moment, i am feeling pretty comfortable surrounded by my things left undone - maybe it's the 3-day weekend, but really the answer lies in managing expectations and celebrating small successes.

big projects take lots of time. that's one reason i think i've taken such a liking to cooking. the process of creating a meal start to finish provides a quick healthy dose of accomplishment. enough small successes, and one might begin believing they could take on a greater challenge, like say... a quilt.

so in the spirit of celebrating small successes, here are some things that are finished:

rhubarb and strawberry jam, with hand carved block print label.
finished summer 08, but enjoyed with breakfast this morning

needlebook w/embroidery scissor pocket in sheep print

finished this book last night- Finding Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Wheat berry and Smoked Chicken Salad & Tail-gating at minor league baseball game!

and now, i suppose, i have finished another post.


Robin said...

Who really needs a stand mixer dust cover anyway?

By what you're accomplishing in that tiny kitchen of yours, you should win a friggin medal.

when's the next adventure?

Krista said...

Hi Karen!!! I love the bowls you have the wheat berry sald in. Do you remember where you got them?