Tuesday, August 21, 2007

what's cooking...

There's been too much great food lately to write about properly, so here's a little taste of what's been cooking:

Breakfast: After an unfortunate run in with an overly salted pork breakfast sausage, we've moved on to this chicken one instead. Perfect. I found an organic honeydew at the market and filled it with strawberries and raspberries. This was also the first sampling of a Grade B New York Maple Syrup, as I've heard, Grade A is for tourists.

Lunch: While on a trip upstate this past fall, Jordan and I fell in love with these warm sandwiches: ham, sauteed pears, cheese (we've tried brie and cheddar), on cranberry walnut bread. This cold, wet August weather calls for food that warms the insides.

Dinner: Crab Legs (unfortunately, not local), Pamela Sherrid's Summer Pasta from the New York Times Magazine Recipe Redux 7.29.07, and swiss chard. To make the summer pasta you infuse olive oil with basil and garlic all day, marinate the tomatoes for 2 hours, and add the pasta and fresh mozzarella last. I was doing well until the end, when I marinated the tomatoes 3 hours instead of 2 and reversed the order the pasta and cheese were supposed to be added. Now I will never know what it would've tasted like had it been perfect.

Dessert: Fresh peaches, raspberries, whipped cream and a brownie bite.

At some point, I also baked Grandma Mickey's zucchini bread.

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Robin said...

You ARE becoming quite the foodie, eh?